The Blackberry Curve 9380 Hosts the Blackberry 7 Operating System

Buy Ghost Cherish by Ghost – The Blackberry Curve 9380 hosts the Blackberry 7 operating system which is the most powerful to date and features better graphics, great multimedia and impressive new technology also. The manufacturers Resource in Motion (RIM)have additionally launched this handset with only a touch interface and no QWERTY keyboard for the first time.

The impressive new operating system includes features such as liquid graphics technology which provide better response times and smoother image rendering onscreen, this is in combination with the fast CPU, a Marvel Tavor MG1 clocking at 806 megahertz on this handset, along with the high resolution display, which on this phone is a full touch screen. Overall, these produce a stunning display and graphics which enhances the user interface, photos, webpages and more. Webpages are also now easier to pan and zoom along with enhanced video and gaming over the Web also. This handset and its respective operating system has the fastest Blackberry Browser for the Web to date. It offers up to 40 percent faster page loading times than the predecessor OS, better video support for HTML5 markup language and Javascript. Altogether, it produces a faster and better web experience.

the Curve 9380 and its 5 megapixel camera, as featured on other handsets such as the Blackberry Bold 9900 respectively, you can capture great hoots and videos. With this new OS however you can now capture videos in 720 pixel High Definition, along with other great multimedia functions offered. Meanwhile, the Near Field Communication technology offered allows you to connect to another enabled device over a close proximity for linking to a friends handset and sharing photos or videos, or for using other Blackberry accessories. Additionally, you can share multimedia easily with friends over the secure BBM messaging network, which includes social networking support so you can stay in touch easily with friends, see where they are and lots more. The new system also includes a voice activated universal search feature which lets you simply enter a search term by speaking it. Meanwhile there is also an array of preinstalled apps and the capability to download more.these include a documents editor and creator which is Microsoft Office compatible, a Music Store and others.
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