2011 Best Netbook Selling Under $300 Dollars

Discount Pelican 1690 Case with – If you compare the best sub-$300 netbook against the high-end $700 multimedia gaming netbook from Sony, chances are you may decide there is no need to pay for 12 hours battery life, 10 inch high-definition LCD display, SSD hard disk, NVidia ion graphics etc. Indeed, these are nice to have features that are supposed to let you enjoy HD movies on your netbook while you are on a long flight, play 3D games with acceptable graphics and no lagging etc. I do not know about you, but personally I do not care much or enjoying doing those computing tasks on a 10 inch LCD display.

The specifications for netbooks under $300 are very respectable, and can handle all the web surfing tasks you will encounter. The things to take note will be the limited RAM, poor battery performance, difficult to use keyboard, weak bundled software suite. These are the typical areas where low budget netbook makers tend to cut corners, so make sure you are aware when choosing to get a new netbook.

With their small size, light weight and good battery life, they are perfect for business travelers who are tired of lugging a 6 lbs laptop around the world with sore shoulders. When netbooks were first released on the market, they were an instant hit with girls, due to their distinct physical features.

College students with a low computer budget can also consider these cheap netbooks under $300 although those in architecture, accounting, design & engineering etc are better off with a powerful laptop and a bigger LCD display. Not every software application will be useable on a netbook. MS Excel, AutoCad, Matlab etc will not be so suitable, even on a $700 multimedia netbook.

One way to buy a netbook with good technical specifications at cheaper prices is to consider used or refurbished units. You can find advertisements on campus from other students that are off loading their current netbooks because they wanted to buy the latest model from Apple, Lenovo, Asus etc.

Otherwise, check out the cheaper Acer Aspire netbooks. These entry-level units have very good specs and features for the price. For example, they even come with built-in media card readers and webcams to make it easy for video conferencing or uploading photos from your digital cameras. If you want these from other netbook makers such as Sony, you may need to pay another $200 more.
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